rs and lanterns in Nanj

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rs and lanterns in Nanj

Messaggioda ylq123 » 07/11/2019, 9:10

I read out the black outside and the white inside, and stretched out your hand to touch the hair in your neck. You swayed into a small pom-pom. The round eyes, sometimes closed a curved seam, and sometimes stretched out to naughty and want to jump up, rubbing the back of my hand. You lay down like a coquettish body Newport 100S, four small claws gently planed into the air, rolling a semicircle, and dragging a long tail to whistle. You still don't know what my name is, where do you come from, what do you want to do? Oh, but you have not reserved for me this unfamiliar accidental passing person Newport Cigarettes, without your sharp claws, the fleshy teeth are slamming up to bite me. You are just a cat in the old shop of Old Street, so sincere and calm. Whether the old street has been left in your heart from your scorpion; is the quiet old street leaving an indelible memory of thought in your heart? Just like the eyes of the old man who watched the drama performance with the pair of people, they could walk with the characters, and they could turn over with the plot. The almost obsessive look made me feel so close to the unpretentious people for the first time. They are dressed in a shabby but spiritual world. There is no gap between the rich and the poor Marlboro Gold. They have no knowledge and no knowledge in the world of interest. how is it? They are just the old farmers under the old theater of Old Street, so sincere and honest. Strolling through this old street, there are flags that are swaying along the way. Near the old houses, shops, simple stalls selling toys or small restaurants, and pastry workshops. In a bustling world of flowers and lanterns in Nanjing, people in the alleys still take water from the wells of the good luck mouth. The groundwater that has been flowing for thousands of years has entered a dull day. I drove myself to mention the majority of the bucket of water, the bleak water slipped over the fingertips and the bluestone that I had never felt before, and it flowed in a sincere, ancient world. I couldn't forget the cat, the group of people, the high-rise old street, only to look back when I found out that the world will be left in this corner. I saw everything outside the black is black, everything outside the white is white, and the black inside is buried in white. Inside the white, white shading black, and your scorpion, always black and white.
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