In the past twent

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In the past twent

Messaggioda ylq123 » 16/07/2019, 3:11

In the past twenty years after my brother died, I always felt that he was behind me all the time, never left me, and walked with me in the tunnel of the years. It was a late autumn that made me unforgettable. The yellow leaves fell everywhere in the autumn wind. I am reading Chinese Pinyin in the classroom of elementary school Parliament Cigarettes. The aunt next to my house suddenly appeared at the door of the classroom. She looked scared. She whispered something to the teacher and the teacher stood at the podium and called me out. I walked out of the classroom under the eyes of my classmates From the expression of my aunt, I can see that something important happened. When my aunt saw me, I asked my brother what he had eaten this morning. I replied that I had eaten steamed bread and eggs. She said to me in a solemn tone that my brother was unbearable in the morning and had been sent to the hospital in the city. I was shocked and didn't have a class that day. The old-aged Christian in the village told me to pray to God that things would go bad. I silently prayed that God would bless my brother. I am waiting for the return of my mother and my brother at the entrance to the village. When the sun was on the west, I looked back to my mother. The mother hugged her brother and cried. I flew over and my mother cried and told me that my brother had left Newport Cigarettes Coupons. I touched my brother's hand and felt a cold. The younger brother was taken away by death! In Qiuyang��s autumn, the mother slowly took home with her brother��s body. In the dim night, several uncles and uncles in the village took his brother's little coffin to bury him on the graveyard. I still don't know where my brother's grave is. Later, I realized that my mother took her brother from the ward and went home by ticket. In order not to let the passengers find that she is holding a body, she resisted sorrow and did not cry along the way, like holding a sleeping child. She burst into tears when she got out of the car Marlboro Red. In the shadow of sorrow, the days are still flowing quietly. The same-aged brother of the village went to elementary school and went to middle school. Later, when he was in his twenties, he got married. The mother remembered her younger brother and said that if the younger brother is still alive, she is in her twenties, and she will talk about the age of marriage. The mother remembered the innocent and ridiculous words that the younger brother had said Carton Of Cigarettes. The younger brother said that when he grows up, he wants to be a pilot, taking his father and mother to fly to a fun place to travel. Speaking of this, the mother��s face smiled. I have to work hard to realize the dream that my brother has not realized. I can't be a pilot, but I can buy a ticket to let my father and mother go to a fun place to travel. As soon as I raised this idea, my father and mother refused on the spot. They said that they didn't want to go anywhere, and they were happy to see the family eating together. After more than 20 years, I have always felt that my brother has not left me and is with me in this world. Grow with me, study together, work together, and grow old with me in the future.

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